Cleaned Molybdenum Wire in EDM Machine

Cleaned Molybdenum Wire Picture

Critical components of the EDM process are the wire and the dielectric water. Wire comes in several materials and a range of diameters, including molybdenum wire,copper,cleaned molybdenum wire is a much better choic to increase quality and speed.

EDM is wire cutting machine, and it used cleaned molybdenum wire to increase its quality and spped, because molybdenum wire owns high ductility.

Implantable medical devices, for example, must not encounter copper, so cleaned molybdenum wire is used. Break-resistant steel-core brass wire is used for applications where the wire is under high tension.

A much detailed table of EDM materials is showed following.

EDM Materials:
• Stainless steel
• Titanium
• Steel
• Copper
• Aluminum
• Molybdenum
• Hastaloy
• Kovar
• Carbide
• Inconel
• Hard tool steels
•Any conductive material